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Professor ‘enables’ quadriplegic IIM-A graduate (indiatimes.com)
4 points by luckystrike 1403 days ago | 3 comments

2 points by adityab 1403 days ago | link

The professor in question is from my university.

While the way he's applying the technology is certainly noble and awesome at the same time, there's nothing 'low cost' or 'made for india' about the device. He's using the Emotiv EPOC, a pretty popular consumer BCI kit - http://www.emotiv.com/

How do I know? I was asked to be a part of the student team in writing the first iteration of the software for this. While I refused (too much other work), a couple of my friends were on the team.


1 point by adityab 1403 days ago | link

Update: In reference to Rashmi Bansal's blog post - The CePal device (other than the BCI part) is indeed 'made in/for india' and 'low cost'.


2 points by luckystrike 1403 days ago | link

I came across this article through this blog post: http://youthcurry.blogspot.in/2012/04/do-you-believe-in-mira...

Excerpt from the blog post:


The point is, such technology is available in the Western world. But it is expensive and unsuitable for Indian climate and conditions. Prof Ranjan’s device – low cost and ‘made for India’ – has the potential to help thousands of quadriplegics and paraplegics like Kesu.

But, Prof Ranjan is a scientist - not an entrepreneur. He needs someone who can come forward and take this technology out of the laboratory and into the world. An idea with the potential to blossom into a beautiful social enterprise.


Thought I'll just post it here, in case any one of you or your acquaintances might like to get involved in such an effort.


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