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IRCTC PNR Status API (Unofficial) (alagu.net)
4 points by alagu 1083 days ago | 4 comments

1 point by himurak 1082 days ago | link

Are you scraping from a CRIS or IRCTC site? Be sure not to get into trouble :). There are many that do this without their permissions, and I'm sure most have been served notices as some point or the other.

Sat with folks at CRIS sometime in the past, and they had stories to tell and notices to show.


1 point by alagu 1082 days ago | link

Would like to know more about it. There is no commercial use for this. Quite few people are using this API.

What are the notices?


1 point by rrjanbiah 1079 days ago | link

Check the evolution of erail.in. Now, he uses browser extension to scrap.


1 point by himurak 1081 days ago | link

Hi Alagu, just saw this.

Notices in the sense - legal notices they sent to firms that were crawling their pages, hitting them to grab content and display on other sites, etc.

I did ask them if non-commercial use is an issue, and they said it is, and pointed me to the disclaimer on their site. indianrail.gov.in/disclaimer.html

In any case, there are quite a few folks still doing it and its tough for them to come after everyone.


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